Changing the Oil

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Porsche Boxster (986) FAQ

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Porsche recommends that the oil in the Boxster be changed every 15,000 miles as a part of the normal maintenance procedure. The recommended oil is Mobil 1 comes in several different grades.

If you wish to change your oil more often and want to avoid some of the expense associated doing so, you can change it yourself. Changing oil in the car is very simple, but care must be taken to avoid future problems.

  1. Elevate the car. While jacking the car up is an option, it is not recommended since it puts the car at an angle and could cause some of the old oil to remain in the crankcase. Also it is not the safest method. The preferred approach would be to put the car on a lift, if one is available, or to use a set of metal ramps. One way to ensure good ground clearance when using the ramps and to keep the car relatively level to ensure that all of the old oil is removed, is to set the ramps at the end of a driveway on the incline with the entry point of the ramps facing uphill. This helps get the car onto the ramps without clearance issues and it leaves the car relatively flat once on the ramps.
  2. You will need a container that holds at least 10 quarts. It is suggested that you use some sort of oil recovery container, which makes it easy for you to dispose of the old oil properly by taking to a location that can dispose of it properly. Do not drain it into the sewer or just throw it away! Besides being environmentally unfriendly, oil is a hazardous waste and throwing it away is against the law in most states.
  3. Drain the old oil. On the bottom of the engine, centered, is a recessed 8 mm Allen bolt. This is the drain plug. Remove it and allow all of the old oil to drain from the engine.
  4. Remove and Replace the Oil Filter. The oil filter is on the left side back of the engine under the car. It takes an oil filter wrench (available at all car parts stores or places that carry auto accessories, oil, etc. The Porsche part number is 000.721.920.40.) that will measure 74 mm across the flat part. The filter housing is made of plastic. Unscrew the oil filter housing and properly discard the inside filter and replace with a new one. The filter comes with a sealing O-ring to ensure a proper seal and no leaks afterward. Ensuring proper alignment of the O-ring, replace the filter housing and new filter.
  5. Put the drain plug back in! The drain plug will use a crush ring to ensure a proper seal and no leaks. The filter and crush ring for the drain plug cost $17 at the dealer.
  6. Add the new oil. Once the filter and drain plug are in place and secure, refill the engine with oil from the normal oil cap in the rear trunk. It should take approximately 10 quarts. Afterward, check the dipstick to ensure that the oil level is correct. Make sure the car is level before using the dipstick.
  7. Properly dispose of the old oil and filter. If you are uncertain about a location to take the old oil and filter for proper disposal, you should identify a location before you take on the task of changing the oil. Most states require "quicklube" businesses to accept a small amounts of oil from whoever drives up at no cost, since they already have the facilities to handle waste oil.