9.0 Miscellaneous

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Porsche Boxster (986) FAQ

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9.1 Sony PlayStation Porsche Challenge
9.2 Boxster Scale Models
9.3 Fitting Golf Clubs into the Rear Trunk

9.1 Sony PlayStation Porsche Challenge

The Sony PlayStation has a game available for it called Porsche Challenge. You get to race a Boxster without worrying about crashing your precious car into a wall or another car. The game has some cheat modes that you can access from the main screen:

  • To test the Boxster S:  RIGHT+SQUARE, LEFT+O+SELECT (hit the right pad and the square together, then the others together).
  • To tune the Boxster S: LEFT+O, RIGHT+SQUARE+SELECT.
  • For longer tracks: SELECT+UP, SELECT+DOWN, START, SELECT.

There are others, but they are mostly silly, like one that makes the voices real high. [Thanks to Vance Knight for this information.]

A review of Porsche Challenge can be found at http://herkules.informatik.tu-chemnitz.de/kag/psx/game_pc.html webout.gif (902 bytes). Other reviews can be reached from the bottom of that review.

9.2 Boxster Scale Models

There are a number of Boxster scale models available. One of the better ones is reviewed at http://www.kalmbach.com/fsm/Reviews/Jan98Reviews/Porsche.html webout.gif (902 bytes).

9.3 Fitting Golf Clubs into the Rear Trunk

Your clubs should fit in the rear trunk without removing the woods. You need to tuck the top of the bag (with the clubs sticking out) into the bottom right hand corner of the trunk. Then the bottom of the bag will fit into the top left hand corner. There is also a way to take two relatively full sized bags in a pinch. Put the first bag in as you normally would. Then remove all the clubs from the second bag and lay them in the back trunk around the first bag. Go to the front trunk and remove the wing nut from the spare. Let the spare fall forward so that it is almost lying flat on the floor of the trunk (it will be raised a bit in the front) The second bag should fit on a diagonal on top of the spare. It is a little tight but should work. It only takes a minute or two.

Another technique: Put both set of woods in the cut out at the rear of the rear trunk. Put both sets of irons in one bag. It goes to the rear of the rear trunk (black bag in picture). The empty bag must have a slightly flexible stay and it can go to the front of the rear trunk (red bag in picture). My car  has two full sets golf.jpg (57136 bytes) (click to expand) in the rear trunk. It holds eight Callaway woods including the Biggest big Bertha. If you use "carry" bags and one has a slightly flexible stay, it works.