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Porsche Boxster (986) FAQ

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10.1 Current Options and Features Availability new.gif (111 bytes) 9/21/98
10.2 Problem Areas new.gif (111 bytes) 9/21/98
10.3 1999 Model Year Boxster

Information in the RAQ is hopelessly out of date!

Welcome to the RAQ in the FAQ. This is the section that covers topics that are generating a lot of bandwidth on Porsche Pete's Boxster Board. The general rule of thumb is that that topics that have some expiration to them will be covered here rather than elsewhere in the FAQ.

10.1 Current Options and Features Availability

In the Boxster Configuration section are details about the options and features. Boxster options come and go, and any given item may or may not be available when you order your car. While we have tried to keep the section up to date, the only definitive way to find out if a given option is available is to order a Boxster with the option and have your order approved by the Porsche IDCS computer. At the current time, all exterior colors listed in the section except blue turquoise (J1), oak green metallic (52), violet blue metallic (57), non-metallic color to sample (98), and metallic color to sample (99) should be available. All cabriolet top colors, including graphite grey (V2), should be available.

The Porsche web site car configurator (http://www.us.porsche.com/national/models/carconfigurator/default.htm webout.gif (902 bytes)) should list all available options and features. Unfortunately, you still can't count on it being accurate as it has a number of bugs and design flaws. For example, if you wish to select a sport package that includes wheels, make sure that you pick the standard 16" wheels when asked for wheels, not the wheels that come with the sport package, as it won't complain about the conflict. There may be other conflicting options that are allowed by the configurator. Also, note that the final price shown does not include the delivery fee, sales tax, luxury tax, title, etc. These fees will add thousands of dollars to the final vehicle price.

For the time being, you may find that http://porsche.niello.com/build_boxster webout.gif (902 bytes) has a more accurate list of options and prices.

10.2 Problem Areas

The Boxster is a reliable car. However, like any piece of machinery, there are problems that show up in the occasional car. In this location, we are documenting the problems that seem not to be unique to a single car, so that you can recognize the problem, understand the cause, estimate how severe the problem is, and estimate how long the car will be out of service.

Click here for an annotated list of problem areas.

10.3 1999 Model Year Boxster

The 1999 model year Boxster began shipping as of the 5/1/98. The only difference between these cars and the ones shipping on 4/30/98 is that the 1999 model year cars have a four year, 50,000 mile warranty. They also replace the zippered compartment where the top folds down with a plastic compartment with sliding doors. There are also some options that are available again, including Zenith Blue, Ocean Jade, and the non-smoker package. Also, the special colors, such as Forest Green are available again, although color to sample is not.

A certain number of cars produced during the first week of May had their vehicle identification numbers still showing that they are 1998 model year cars. You can tell by looking at the plate on the driver's side door jamb. It looks like this: plate.jpg (24749 bytes) (click to enlarge). If the build month (shown in the picture as 6/97) is 5/98, and the 10th character of the VIN is a "W", then you are in this category. PCNA has delayed most of these cars at Charleston and notified dealers. The dealer then contacts you and offers you $3,000 to accept the 1998 (with the two year, unlimited miles warranty). If you choose not to take the 1998, the $3,000 can be applied toward a 1999 model, but you go to the end of the waiting list for the car and have to start over from scratch.